H. lacunosa 'Snowcaps'

brsucculents(9a)November 23, 2012

I purchased a H. lacunosa 'Snowcaps' this fall. One of the branches (or cuttings - I'm not sure which it is. I didn't break up the clumb when I repotted it. It has to be a cutting because I wouldn't think a branch would be that different from the whole plant.) has no splash on the leaves. Should I just through the branch/cutting away? or is there someway to initiate the splash like really bright sun?


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The all green growth will continue growing without the markings on the leaves. I would just leave that growth until spring and then root it to use for a trade etc. If you have a nice warm spot you could root it now as well.

I have a plant that does this, a little green leafed plant sold as Hoya picta that develops growths that are heavily speckled. These markings on the leaf are a mutation so when the plant stops developing the markings on a growth they will not reappear. This type of variegation appears because all cells that are created from the cells that have mutated and lack chlorophyll will be interspersed with regular chlorophyll producing cells which gives the mottled or splashed look.


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ok. Thanks Mike.

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