Hoya australis 'Oramicola'

Jan SwordNovember 28, 2009

I said it was rupicola on Mike's post but it's oramicola flowering for the first time. The flowers are much smaller then other australis but the leaves are small too, I did not detect any scent this morning.

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Oh those are nice blooms, just a hint of colour behind the corona. I have always liked white flowers, especially when they have a crystalline or waxy texture.

I still have yet to smell a Hoya australis of any kind in person. My Hoya calycina has come back from the dead but being only a few inches tall with two pairs of new leaves means no flowers for me any time soon. I am in the mood for a knock your socks off powerful Hoya fragrance of my own.


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Jan Sword

I just came back in from smelling those perfumy flowers!!!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Those are pretty Jan, I'm just hoping that my plain Australis will bloom for me. I love the white flowers...well I like them all really,lol...

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I've never heard of this kind of australis before. It sounds and looks nice though. To me, any flower that smells good is a definite favorite of mine!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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How do the leaves of oramicola differ from other australis? Are they also smaller? Pretty flowers, and glad to hear they are perfumey-fragrant like ssp. tenuipes. Now, if I could just get my dang ssp. australis to bloom!

Denise im Omaha

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tishfromwis(z5 WI)

Gorgeous Jan!!! I select most of my hoyas because of their foliage, but I chose the Hoya Australis ssp. australis 'Brookfield' for the flowers. The new growth does have a pretty bronzy appearance. I'm going to guess they smell perfumy too? Does anyone know? Mine is growing like a weed right now and since it is a year round bloomer, I'm hoping to see some peduncles soon (& I stress "hoping")...


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Jan Sword

Thanks everyone.
This is H rupicola, very succulant, the thick leaves are 2xlarger then Oramicola. I end up killing mine. ;(
I'll take the photo of oramicola, very compact growing, much smaller leaves then other australis.

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Jan Sword

The biggest leaf is 2.75"x1" umbel is 1.5" wide.

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