A good day at the Big Box .....

adaorand(UpstateNY)November 10, 2013

Yesterday I made a quick stop in Lowe's for perlite and came home with another wayetii, 8" pot for $5 and a "bilobata" (fuzzy leaves, so I'm going with DS-70), 6" pot for $3. They had six of the wayetii on the mark-down rack, perfect condition with a little bird poop, only one labeled bilobata.

When making room for the newbies, I discovered a new leaf on variegated kerrii, and a peduncle on my other wayetii.

Yup, t'was a good day.

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Congrats adaorand!

It's been a little while since I was in Lowe's or HD (I like Lowe's better for looking at houseplants), but I always enjoy myself there even if I don't bring a plant home.

As for new growth, I just discovered, a few days ago, a looong new vine shooting out from my H. verticillata. It has hardly grown since I got it, but I have it in a tiny little pot since getting it as a cutting a couple years ago from a member on here.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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