Ants found my window feeder. :C(

eigdeh(z6 NJ)August 11, 2009

I have had the window feeder up all last year and so far this year since March. Never had an issue with ants till today. :C(

One of the suction cups let go two days ago and I found the feeder on its' side. Of course the feeder was almost empty. I was affraid that the ground would attract ants and that they would explore above to see where it was coming from. I sprayed the ground under the feeder to dilute the sugar water.

Today I noticed the male come to the feeder and leave within a few seconds. Again tonight I saw it land and a second or two later lifted off. He flew all around the feeder and even went under for a look. So I took a look and sure enough ants! Some on top, some under, and a bunch inside the feeder looking for a way out.

I sprayed the whole window, the wall below and soaked the dirt again. I am hoping that is going to be enough, though I have my doubts. I do not want to loose this male hummer. He has been coming around the longest and he comes and drinks while we are at the table, just a few feet from us!

I am going to keep a good look out tomorrow for the ants. If I see some I am going to put some soap and water in a spray bottle and spray the vinyl siding a few times an hour to try to deter the ants.

Anyone have any suggestions? For sure the male does not want to share the feeder with the ants, nor did he seem interested in eating the ants either. I read somewhere that with bees if you move the feeder just a few feet the bees will probably take a long time to find it, if at all, while the hummers will not even know it was moved. Wonder if this works for ants? Worth a try I guess.


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I had the same thing happen. If you have a feeder that leaks down a window or sill the ants will follow the trail of sweetness. I also cleaned the window and also sprayed the bottom of the sill all the way to the ground with and ant and roach hot shot. I also removed the leaky feeder and the ants no longer climbed the window.

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If you want to enjoy watching your hummers in front of a window, place a sheperd's hook and hang 2 or 3 feeders. I have them in front of my kitchen window and love watching them! Since ants are a problem, you can add the ant guards to the hanging feeders. Two weeks ago, I added a new sheperd's hook in a large planter in the corner of my breezeway, under another feeder hanging from the eaves. The ants quickly found it so I added an ant guard which solved the problem.

I've never seen a hummer eating ants, but I've heard that it makes the nectar very bitter.


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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

It's been a rainy afternoon here, but in the morning I did not have any ants. Wife saw the male come to the feeder this morning, so I guess he did not get spooked.

Thanks for the reponses! I am going to keep an eye on the feeder. If the ants do come back I will hang something close to the window.

If the feeder did not tip it never would have leaked as it never did before.

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