Jolly Lane, No tag, loads of blooms!

Ament(5a SD)November 2, 2011

Wow! I could not pass this one up, absolutely loaded with blooms this monster was. Loaded!!

However, Jolly Lane doesn't label them. When they get them, they aren't labeled and they don't take time to do so. So I told Shannon, the lady who takes care of them that I would call back with a name. =)

She, unlike many in big box stores knew not to over water these darlings. She informed me that they weren't so good looking when they arrived. I was tickled to learn that even though she didn't know this hoyas name, she knew how to care for the darling Monster. LoL

Click the picture for more images, Thanks for looking!


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tina this is nummularioides!


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Hi Tina,

Congrats! You just bought yourself a H. nummularoides! I got mine last year at Lowe's in full bloom like yours! It's blooming now (nummul. is a fall bloomer) and it has a nice fragrance but it can get strong at night. I can best describe it as a floral fragrance. Very sweet smelling.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Ament(5a SD)

Ooo! Thank you both! I was hoping that is what it was. I am soo pleased with this beauty. Soo happy! Yay! I just love this little beasty. Well... Not little! LOL It's a monster! Haha! Truly it is! Huge!

Thank you for letting me know for sure it was H. nummularoides. So pretty and yes, it does smell sweet. =)


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats on a beautiful blooming H. nummularoides! Enjoy the pretty blooms Tina!

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Tina... what a fabulous find!.... It is gorgeous, your pics are wonderful... I esp loved #11... looks very professional.. I have to boast here for one second... being new to this "world".. as I looked at the pics I said the comp screen... I think that's a numm....!.. since adopting the broken stem off the floor.. and since it is growing like a weed in it's plastic bag home.. I thought your new baby looked the same!... so I'm happy to have ID'd correctly!... but, the joy is yours... congratulations!.. wonder what that baby weighs!.. Eileen

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Hi Tina, I found this one loved a lot of sun. The more sun the more they have flower, I like that smell too.

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Ament(5a SD)

I have hung this beastly monster in a NW window with lots of sunlight and it also gets lots of light from the lamp that is on as well. =) I'm unsure of the weight of this beast but it isn't light, that's for certain! Oy! And loads of sap on them as well, I'm grateful they don't drip everywhere though.
And the scent is wonderful! I'm so pleased with this beautiful nummie! Eileen, do you mean the one right before the box picture? I'm terribly curious which image now... lol

Thank you everyone! =) So happy I found this one.


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ohhh tina i understand your happiness!!!

this plant gives joy only to see it!!

think how nice to have it!!! ( oh my english!!)

i am really happy for you!!

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Tina... the picture is against a solid background.. sort of "tan-looking" on the screen with a clear focus "up front" of the stem with bloom(s) and then a blurry view in background of a different stem not in focus!... I watched a tv program (public tv)just last week with professional photog taking pics outdoors of wildflowers and how he set the stage and having a clear focused shot with the "moving" or blurry in background was sooo beautiful!... so.. your pic said #11 at the top.. good job!

and... Lalla! I actually love reading your posts... esp your english!... its refreshing and endearing! so no worries here.

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/Ament. Congratulations on your new plant! This one will always bloom this time of year. I love the Hoyas that bloom as the weather grows colder. It makes it easier to get over having to close up the windows. Great photographs too! And clever move linking us to the album to save on bandwidth.

Personally, this one is my favorite:

/Lalla. I agree with Eileen. Your English is so sweet. I only hope I sound as charming when speaking my second languages!!

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Ament(5a SD)

Ah Lalla! You speak just fine! =) We all understand you very well. So don't worry at all.

This particular Hoya is still blooming like mad! Every morning when I wake, I walk into my living room to this heavenly hoyas scent. I just love that!

Yes, the image you all enjoy so much is the one I love best so far. If you wish to, copy & save it girls. You are welcome to do so! And, if you prefer, email me and I can send you the original photo. It's HUGE and you can zoom in quite nicely and see the 'fuzzy' quality of this hoyas flowers and leaves. =) My camera takes spectacular pictures.


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