Sweetheart Hoya has never bloomed

vickster257(Z7aNJ)November 24, 2012

Hi to anyone who has ever been able to grow this hoya successfully with blossoms,

I purchased this plant from Rutledge Gardens in Florida and it is growing well and has many vines. During the summer, it is on an outside porch and does quite well there. But it has never had a bud on it. My other hostas bloom indoors in a south window. I live in NJ in Ocean County.

Is there any advice you can give me, please.

What type of fertilizer would you recommend and frequency during the season? Thanks so much for your advice.


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Hi Vicki! My plain leaf variety took some time about two years, under lights due to space needs, using M Grow standard fertilizer. It likes to bloom in August so in late June I step up the watering and fertilizing along with it. Normally mine gets watered thoroughly and dries out for a few days before watering again. This procedure came from some trial and error but works for mine. It has always been suggested by others to research the origin of the variety and that helps to determine care! Good growing! ~ Mary

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My plant is quite large and it has many peduncles but has not bloomed either. Does your plant have flower peduncles yet?
This Hoya likes to be moist during the summer growing season and then gradually less water come fall. During the winter let the plant dry out between watering and keep it in very bright light. This is one Hoya that really does best in very bright light because otherwise it tends to vine and become difficult to keep from taking up a large amount of space.

Many orchids from this same area need the dry rest to flower, water during this time will result in vegetative growth instead of flowers. Hoyas that are adapted to the seasonally dry areas are probably also responding to to these environmental cues to initiate flowers so it's best to duplicate them at home. You can still water during the winter but do so on a nice sunny day and then let it dry out again for a bit. As long as the plant does not start to wrinkle or desiccate there is nothing to worry about. This is a tough plant and in comparison to the orchids that completely shed their leaves this plant is tough enough to endure they dry season intact.


Here is a link that might be useful: Flickr photo of Hoya kerrii during the dry season in Northern Thailand

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I have several clones of kerrii and they all take at the very least a couple years to set peduncles. My original plain kerrii actually took about 5 years to bloom, but once it did, it puts on quite a show every year. Don't cut the long, gangly stems that seem to never develop leaves - that's where the peduncles seem to be most dense. I once had about a 3' spanse of leafless stem that had over a dozen peduncles that wanted to bloom, rebloom and rebloom!

But while you wait, just enjoy those beautiful, succulent, heart-shaped leaves! They're some of my favorite!

Denise in Omaha

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Thanks so much for your follow-up on this hoya. Todate I have never seen a peduncle on this plant. It is in a window with southern exposure. While it is actively growing during the spring and summer, it is watered when the soil is dry. Without flowers, it has pretty foliage. If I know how to post a photo, I would like to show the plant. Thanks for your help everyone.


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