Is it normal to see rot from previous year prior to seeing new

callalilykris(z5b MI)May 8, 2014

This may sound like a dumb question. I have a June hosta that has been in a huge pot for about 6 years. Always overwinters very nicely. I am in Zone 5 (southeastern Michigan). Should I be seeing any new eyes yet? (05/08/2014) Also, should I see rotted roots from last year at the top of the pot at this time? I am concerned that I lost my most beautiful June hosta because of the excessive snow this past winter. Please help!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you did not lose it due to cold.. nor snow ... but a potential hundred other reasons ...

if the crown rotted .. and all that is left is unattached roots.. its probably dead...

even down here in adrian MI ... the pips are showing.. though barely extending ...

a pic might be worth another hundred words ...


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callalilykris(z5b MI)

Thank you for the quick response. I'm afraid of what I know to be true.

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I think I have lost many potted hostas this year due to the harshest winter since I started my garden. Mine have always overwintered well too, but I think this winter with the extreme cold and heavy snow was too much for the ones I didnt protect. I expect the few potted ones that did survive to be quite set back. I even have a rotted one in a buried spinout bag, which is odd to me since those drain so well.

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Most of the perennials, including hosta, that I had growing in containers didn't come back this year after surviving the past several winters in fine form. Spirea (grown from seed via winter sowing) did come through and is sending up healthy new growth but the container sits up close to the house wall and I'm guessing it received some measure of warmth/protection as a result. Heuchera/coral bells survived in a gallon pot set a couple feet from the spirea container as did rudbeckia, agastache, columbine, Siberian iris & lobelia cardinalis.

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bragu_DSM 5

I think it is time to use May to search for another June ...

Call it your mother's day present. It is worth it.

If you aren't a mom, buy it as a tribute to your mom ...


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callalilykris(z5b MI)

Thanks for your help everyone. I think I knew it was dead, but was hoping it wasn't . It was so beautiful. Neighbors would comment on it when they walked by the house. It was my prized hosta. I actually cried when I looked at it.
I like your comment Dave. My mother has passed away but I will plant another June in memory of her.

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Babka NorCal 9b

If you push down on the crown is it firm? Are their any firm pointy eyes you can feel? You need to look at the roots. Can you dig down the side of the pot and see what is there? Don't give up yet.


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Kris, I'm a long way from you, but I lost many to a dry winter this year. I had moved all the "empty" pots to one area to be dumped. I had been whining about my high losses through several posts. Babka finally said she wanted to see the roots. When I dumped one out, I found that deep in the pot, dormant roots were emerging. This was 2 or 3 weeks after my last one showed pips. So, don't give up yet.

Of course, it would be very small if it came back from dormant roots. But to have a piece of one you really liked might be nice. It will take years for it to become a full plant, though. Mine was a Bridegroom. I was so sure it was lost, that I already had ordered another. I'll probably add it to the pot with the new one if it makes it this year.

Also, since it's placement in your front yard was so important to your landscape, think about buying 3 plants and putting them in the pot. You will have a nice full pot sooner.


This is how it looks today (yes, I know it needs down-potting)

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