In and out, in and out

dirtygardener73(9a)December 10, 2011

Well, I can bring all my plants in in about 10 minutes now. It used to take me nearly an hour. I still get sick of having to haul them in and out, and there is no water faucet or hose outside, so I have to haul 3-gallon buckets of water out to the patio and water. It takes a good 4 buckets to water everything well. I need to get to Lowe's and get a hose and adapter for my kitchen faucet, but I haven't done that yet.

I just get no joy from these plants anymore. I don't know why. I miss my yard. I miss having sunshine in my windows. This town is beautiful, but I can't find anywhere that isn't covered with oak trees and in the shade. I'm going to keep looking, though, until I find a place with a small yard where I can grow something besides shade plants.

I tried to sell these plants, but no one wanted tropicals. They don't want to have to do what I'm doing, I guess...haul them in and out.

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Get the hose, it will be well worth it. and the sooner you do it the quicker it pays off.

I don't understand why any human being would plant an oak tree around them. They are wonderful in the woods, but have no value around human civilization. If I'm going to have plants around, they are going to be working for me!

Good luck finding a place! There are great deals to be had these days.

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What plants are you trying to sell, Dirty Gardener? My friend Charley lives near you I believe. If he doesn't want some he can buy some for me.

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@slopfrog: One of the selling points of my house was the mature live oak next to it! It shades the house all morning and afternoon and provides food for the squirrels. It shades a good part of the yard, meaning less grass to mow, too. My house was built in the 70's, and luckily the owners had the foresight to plant large trees on the three sides that get the sun. Our energy bills are nothing compared to our neighbors with no shade. I still have plenty of sun in areas to grow those plants needing it.

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