Krimson Princess

mel_10(3)November 14, 2010

Hello everyone. I have a quick couple questions in regards to an EA plant that I recently acquired. The tag on this plant labeled it as Hoya "Rubra". I found some info saying "Rubra" is also Krimson Princess. The leaves are the reverse varigation (white on the inside, green on the outside) as the Krimson Princess pics I have seen. My question is, does KP have thinner leaves than the other carnosas? I have a regular carnosa and a Krimson Queen but the leaves on those two plants are much more succulent than on the plant in question. I also read somewhere that when KP reverts to solid green leaves it is known as "Green Exotica". Is this true? Is it best to pull the solid green vines out and re-pot separately?

Thanks for the advice!


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Hi Mel,

Here is my EA "rubra" and yes, it's a Krimson Princess.

My leaves are thick & succulent (just like my other carnosas).

I've never heard of "green exotica", but as you can see mine is reverting. When I bought it, I would say it was 50/50, but now it's more like 80(green)/20(white), if that.

Awhile ago I began noticing that the EA "Rubra" now being sold in stores looks a lot different than mine (which was purchased in the fall of 2007). Now the leaves are smaller, more narrow & triangular in shape, have more variegation (more white), and yes are thinner. Anyway, it wasn't too long after I noticed the changes, that I had read somewhere (probably on this forum) that EA had "changed the formula" for the "Rubra" in an effort to prevent it from reverting back to green. Hoping others know more ,,, I'm curious too!

Anyway, your plant looks great. You'll have to let us know, if it reverts back to green.


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Jennifer, your plant is beautiful! Right now I've only got what looks like one vine that has reverted to all green. I'm hoping to not have anymore as I really like the varigation. Thanks for the information and help.


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