Kiwano with...?

jp07January 28, 2009

Is kiwano capable of hybridizing with say, cucumbers or honeydew melons? I have some kiwanos flowering, but no similar plants are available so I am just curious for future reference--I would be interested to see what a hybrid of that looked like. I am a novice gardener--do plants have to be within the same genus or family to be capable of hybridizing? I would assume most plants in the same genus would be capable, but say I wanted to cross a Kiwano with say a pumpkin. So that would be plants from cucumis and cucurbita genuses. Would that work? Will the fruit that has received pollen from a different parent plant display characteristics of both parents, or will I have to wait for seeds from that fruit to be grown to maturity?


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cantaloupes and cukes can crossbreed It is rare however the "guta" Armenian cuke actually a melon . pumpkins can only crossbreed with :gourds ,squash , other pumpkins .
The Big Max is a "squashkin" . You can try all cantaloupes , gherkins, cukes , but there are no guarentees . I do not believe the horned melon has been crossed with anything yet.
You could be the first . Maybe a loofa would cross with pumkins or kiwanoes.

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