PaperWhite Narcissus Pollinating

jumsmithJanuary 3, 2003

Ok i've been trying to find help on a lot of sites and forums and i am having a hard time finding anything on these flowers; ok so here are my questions.

1) Can you self-pollinate PaperWhite Narcissus?

2) I have tried to self-pollinate my Narcissus and i am wondering if it worked, so how do i tell if they will produce a seed? I self-pollinated them on 12/26/2002, the flowers on the ones i have pollinated are starting to turn a brown color and are wilting. Is this a sign that they are producing seeds? Or are they dyeing? Please i need help with this. Thank you, JumSmith

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Sparaxis(Vic Aust)

The ovary is just below the flower. If there is going to be a seed, this green area will swell gradually over the next few weeks. It should take about 10 weeks until the seeds are fully mature.

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daffodilhunter(7 NW Alabama)

Did you get a seed pod? You can definitely self pollinate some paperwhites, if they are fertile varieties. Do you know what kind yours were?

Are you trying to pollinate other kinds of narcissus/daffodils? Email me and I'll send you some pics of some daffodil seedlings..some have tazetta/paperwhite seed parents....Sandra

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I have sucessfully self-pollinated them and it has been about 7 weeks so it is getting close... I have many seed pods but there are two that are alot bigger than all of the rest why are those so big? Now i have them still on the plant is that good or should i do something to them? Will the seed pods dry out and crack open?

I did get some seed pods. I will email you my seeds too -k-.

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Sparaxis(Vic Aust)

The bigger pods may have more seeds in them.
Leave them longer, and just check them frequently. If you are worried about them, make little covers with muslin or pantyhose, but make sure they don't get invaded by insects that think the covers are for their use.
Cheers, Jan

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Thank you for that information i was wondering what was wrong with those... Ok i've got two more questions you might be able to help me with.

What insects or of anything that is attracted to PaperWhite Narcissus? Or anywhere i can find this information?

Also i was reading on a website that the Narcissus has a large variety, meaning that there are 12 divisions of narcissus.

Trumpet narcissi
Large-cupped narcissi
Small-cupped narcissi
Double narcissi
Triandrus narcissi
Cyclamineus narcissi
Jonquilla narcissi
Tazetta narcissi
Poëticus narcissi
Narcissi species
Split corona narcissi
Other narcissi

Now my question is; am i able to cross-pollinate my paperwhites with another flower in one of those divisions? For example can i cross a PapperWhite(in the Tazetta) with a Geranium(also in the Tazetta) ??? is it possible?

Thank you,


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Sparaxis(Vic Aust)

Sorry - you have beaten me down. Both questions are out of my range of expertise. The insects particularly, because i am in Australia, so they will be different.
The groups? I know there are some you can and some you can't. I would refer to a good reference book, or check out the American Daffodil Society web page, and perhaps join Daffnet.
Cheers, Jan

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daffodilhunter(7 NW Alabama) can theoretically cross any division of daffodil with any other division as long as you have the pollen and the seed bloom together at the same time. But not all daffodils are fertile. But you could definitely cross a Geranium with paperwhites.

Email me and I'll give you more details...Sandra

P.S. Here are a few blooms I got last year from seeds planted in 1997...these are late blooming varieties.

Here is a link that might be useful: daffodilhunter posts more pics

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Wow those are beautiful.

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