Villaware 200 strainer parts?

2ajsmamaDecember 3, 2013

I was walking up to the register at Goodwill today (love that store!) and found a Villaware model 200 food strainer half price for $5. Looks like all the pieces are there but I want to buy replacement O-rings/gaskets anyway. Mendingshed looks like they have parts for the older model - what other screens are worth getting if I'm placing an order anyway? Thinking about grape spiral. I don't know about berry screen since SWD might be forcing us to tear out all of the brambles (already took out a lot of wild blackberries this year, and DH ripped out the black raspberries too b/c the wild roses were swamping them, he just tore everything out). Seeds don't bother us in strawberries and blueberries. Might have a lot of cultivated raspberries next summer (planted 2012) but don't have a lot of wild ones.

Are the coarse and extra coarse (pumpkin and salsa) screens worthwhile? I do have a Cuisinart I use to grate summer squash, and salsa usually just hand-chop everything but I can see where an extra coarse screen might be handy for making lots at a time (but mostly I just quarter the tomatoes for Annie's Salsa and they cook down fine).

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

It would depend on the textures you prefer I think. For example, I wouldn't care for Annie's Sala with the tomatoes just quartered. Prefer a much finer texture so the extra coarse screen works well for us.

Otherwise the only screen we use is the standard screen for tomato sauce and juice and for applesauce. Have the berry screen but only used it once and it is a pain since it plugs up so quickly.

I wouldn't bother to buy a new gasket until you at least try it first since they seem to last forever.


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The white gasket that goes on the end of the strainer looks a little mildewed, I'll wash and bleach it, see how it looks. But I don't know how long the O ring on the drive shaft lasts - won't know til I try to use it if it leaks, but figured I should order some spares (still come in 3-pack?) just in case I drop it down the disposal while washing or something.

Quartered (or 8thed) tomatoes work well in Annie's since I tend to use a lot of slicers, not so many plum/paste varieties though since I liked the Grandma Mary's (for peeling, taste wasn't as good as heirloom beefsteak) I may just order the extra coarse (salsa) screen at the same time.

Has anybody tried the coarse (pumpkin) screen, is it worth it, or maybe not since I have the Cuisinart?

So far I've just made jelly from our grapes, then put the pulp through a Foley to mix with apples and plums for jam, maybe the grape spiral isn't worth it either, since I'm assuming either the tomato/applesauce screen that came with it, or the salsa screen I want to try, will work for chunky applesauce and/or grape/apple/plum jam?

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The only screen that I want is the grape spiral. I do alot of concord grapes and it might make it easier than the foley mill. I won't use the Kitchenaid for them, too afraid to break it. I'd bet the salsa screen would work for chunkier stuff.

If you can't find a gasket, you might be able to use gasket material from the auto parts store. same with o-rings. There are places (like Ace) that carry O rings of different sizes. I need to find a new one for my Kitchenaid.

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pattypan(z6b CT)

what is the standard size strainer for spaghetti sauce ? my food mill came with 3 and i use the middle size. the big one would let seeds thru. the middle one chops them up into tiny white comma shapes. can i get a hole size in mm.'s ? my middle size screen holes are 2 mm.

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