sorry ive been MIA

amber_m(5)November 6, 2012

hi everyone! man i have mised being on here, there has been so much going on in my life that i barely have a second to myself. i thought i would pop in tonight, while i have a little free time and say hi and let everyone know how things are going. i suffered a horrible hoya loss a few weeks ago... i had moved about half of my hoyas indoors to prepare for winter when my family was unexpectedly called out of town for an emergency. well while we were out of town a really hard frost hit out of nowhere and killed all of my plants that i had outside that were waiting to be moved, a large number of those were Hoyas. im very happy that i at least had the chance to move some of them inside so that it wasnt a total loss, and something awesome is happening right now... i have a H. Lacunosa that is just starting to open its buds today! this is the first time its put on buds and the first time its opened them!!! thats actually what made me think to hop on here tonight to let you guys know whats going on. the plants that i did save are doing awesome and im very excited to see them mature into beautiful plants. i would really like to know how all of you are doing, so please post and let me know everything new in your lives... Also, if pirategirl and greedyghost are ok from sandy please let me know, or if anyone has heard from them. im up in upstate new york where we really didnt get hit hard and ive been worried sick about them.


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Sorry to hear of your loss,sometimes life gets in the way.

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Hi Amber. I think Cindy put it very well. We'd all like to think we have a foolproof strategy for looking after our plants, and then the unexpected strikes. I found the timing of first frost quite odd this year, too.

I know I already responded to you via email, but I figure I should say on here, too: I live in the midwest. ;) Well out of harm's way. I do join you in hoping that all our friends on the east coast are okay though.

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Hi Amber,

Sorry to hear about the loss of some of your plants :-(. Congrats on your lacunosa blooms and savor the fragrance while it lasts. If it gets too strong smelling for you, hang it someplace more open, i.e., the living room or kitchen.

Sandy only got my part of the county with some rain and some wind. The latest Nor"Easter missed us entirely.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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GG, i have no idea why i thought you lived here on the east coast! im glad to be corrected now, lol. Brad, i have my lacunosa hanging in my kitchen (the room where i spend the majority of my time) so that every time i walk by it i can stop and sniff it! it also has a second penduncle that is forming buds as we speak so hopefully it holds onto them and blooms again for me!

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Well, I lived in NC on and off but I've only ever visited the northeast. ;)

Several of my lacunosas have bloomed now, but so far only one or two lonely peduncles at a time. I'm hoping that next year I'll get a fuller display. I suspect my stingy watering this summer didn't help.

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Hi Amber,

Well, I just found your post. I am glad to know that you escaped that big storm. We just had a lot of wind and rain as Sandy swept by. Pirate Girl has spent many long days and nights without lights and heat.

I am so sorry you lost some of your plants, just bad luck. Maybe you can get some new ones next spring.

I haven't been around the hoya forum much lately. I sort of got sidetracked over on the sansevieria group. I got hooked on sans!

Good to hear from you. Barb

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kathybennie(5 Colorado Springs)

Sorry to hear about your hoya loss; I have enuf trouble keeping them alive inside when temps drop. Have had to take some cuttings of several, as the mother plant seemed to acquire jungle rot, or some such disease, as I watched them defoliate... Cold temps, less sunlight, and wet roots don't agree, so now trying to max the sunlight exposure on these shorter days. First light snowfall last night;
My lacunosa is starting to put on a bloom or two, which will cheer me up. Kathy

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