Christmas cactus hybrids

karen99(WI Zone 5)January 2, 2014

I'm very interested in Christmas/Thanksgiving cactus and related species.
I have some old true Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera russelliana x S. truncata) which I have crossed with Thankgiving cactus (S. truncata); 5 of those seedlings flowered for the first time this winter; each one is quite unique in appearance. I have a bunch of nice seed pods on them now.

However, I can find very little information on breeding Christmas cacti. I'm interested in creating hybrids, but it is nearly impossible to find anything but Christmas and Thanksgiving cacti for sale.
I purchased some S. opuntioides on ebay, but there was a delay in delivery and the heat pack ran out and the poor things arrived frozen, and there are no others for sale that I can find, anywhere (not that I would get any more until the weather warms up).
Does anyone know if they can be crossed with similar genera, such as Easter Cactus (Rhipsalidopsis)?

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