Annual east coast migration

ecrens1014September 7, 2013

When does the annual migration begin? My "regulars" at the feeder have disappeared, is the migration underway?

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Might be going on now from up North ~ traveler population will vary from day to day. A few even in the evenings 'til just before dark.

I have seen a couple of my regular-guards on at least 2 Cafes, stay on watch, as late as 8:30++PM ~ I could no longer spy w/ binocs in the dark but could figure the familiar miniscule hump on top of the shepherds hook & fave spot, on garden wire of the other!

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I am in Connecticut. I am not seeing my hummers at the feeders very often right now but I did see hummers twice yesterday. So, I am wondering if what I'm actually seeing is migrating birds versus my regulars. One of the reasons I am thinking this is that neither times yesterday did the hummers go to a favorite perching spot, the top of my redbud tree.

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Im in s central pa Im not seeing many,one nite last week there was a bunch ,fighting.

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I too didn't see much activity as usual, out there yesterday ~ but it was too hot w/ blazing sun! Three feeders sitting in sunny sites have turned cloudy & needed washing & replenishing, so today I did ~ they were out there in numbers on their usual chasing spree w/ their accompanying familiar tiny chirps!!!

I'm sure they take cover as well, when sun & heat become unbearable!

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

In St Louis. Can't miss the chasing and buzzing and whizzing as you go by windows during the day. They're so fast they look like big green bugs dashing into the trees.

Haven't been able to watch in the evening for over a week. Tonight from about 7:10 to 7:30 as it was getting dark there were two, one at least fat and shiny in the binocs.

But not quite as much activity as two weeks ago.

Last fall I had one tiny guy visiting the agastache in my office window every day til about the 3rd week of October. It was getting cold, but he stayed and stayed. I didn't know about torpor then, and I as worried sick about him in the cold nights.

This year the last tiny guy will have a feeder to fatten up on til at least Nov 1, maybe Nov 15.

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Wow mehitabel! What 1 zone difference can do huh, a whole month! Here I've never seen them later than 1st week of Oct. I leave 2 feeders 'til November just in case, for the late-summer-fledglings!

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Ditas, it was just one tiny, tiny guy. He was not one of the fat shiny ones. I felt so sorry for him, thinking he must not be fat enough to go yet, and afraid the cold would get him before he was strong enough to go.

But one zone must make some difference. Two weeks or so ago you could barely see the hummers feeding at 8:00 pm or so. Last night it was 7:30-- days getting shorter very fast now.

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I am seeing any where from my 6 (I think) regulars to at least 15/20 birds at my 4 feeders.

I am in middle east Tennessee

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East coast of central Florida (Brevard county), I have started seeing them in the yard again just this week (about Sept 10). They could have started earlier but I was gone for a week and a half.
On Monday, I thought I heard them in the yard, but was unable to get a visual on any. On Tuesday I heard and then saw two flying around the upper branches of the orange tree (believe one to be a male RT). Wednesday saw some flying around again. Then Thursday and again today, saw a male RT and either a female RT or another type (looked like some of the pictures of female Rufous that I have seen) at different times either at the feeders or feeding at the plants in the yard.

I had two stay around last winter (same as I saw today, female RT or female Rufous?), no flashy colors, not sure what species. But they spent most of their time chasing the other off. So could have been more than two in the area, but I only ever saw two at a time (one chasing of the other).


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I saw my first on August 1st after not having any since April. Saw another couple during that month but Sept. 3rd, I have had hummers around nearly every day - no more that 2 or 3 at a time and probably not the same ones. I have had adult males, adult female, immature birds. Others in my area are also reporting the same. Check out Journey North maps to see weekly migration reports. There are still numerous birds being reported all over.

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I should have mentioned that I live in Lakeland, FL in the central part of the state, between Orlando and Tampa.

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