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chhe(6b)January 8, 2006


I wanted to try out a little hybridizing on plants and I was wondering if anybody could recommend a plant that can be grown indoors that has a really fast life cycle. I had heard that Wisconsin fast plants have a life cycle of 30 days and I was wondering if anybody knows of any plant that has an even faster life cycle than this plant. I heard that alot of weeds have very fast life cycles and so would even be interested in these too. So long as the plant can be grown indoors and that the seeds aren't microscopic. Can anyone help?

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Cress or watercress can mature in 4 days . I do not know all the details . also the earliest radishes can be harvested in 19 days but it will take longer to go to seed .
check out Kent Whealy's latest seed inventory book . spinach is also quick to go to seed . good luck.

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maineman(z5a ME)

Many times you seed plants for sale in paks that are already in bloom. I think some growers have a growth material that accelerates blooming. Perhaps you could use that same material to accelerate the life cycle.


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I have the same dilema!!! I need a plant with an extremely fast life cycle, this would be easy, if I wasnt requesting a plant that actually produced seed. I would be willing to try fastplants but i need something faster if possible. I want to try forcing mutations.

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