Just knew last batch of nectar was the last this season

aliiSeptember 17, 2007

I make 3 qts at a time needless to say most of it gets tossed

when changing/cleaning the feeders. I looked out just before

taking my grandson to the bus at 7:20AM and sure enough there

was my bossy hummer fluttering around the saucer feeder! It

seems so cold, I think its 50 degrees. And just to think the last 2 nights was 38 degrees and they (2) are still here!!

My friend said there was frost those 2 cold nights. Now its headed toward 80 degrees for this week.. so maby they will be here a while yet :) Commin'up another pitcher of nectar :) :)

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alii-- Im on my third last bag of sugar but they still keep coming, had an adult male drop in for a day and half, was here yesterday morning but wasnt here last evening. May see another adult male before its over. But our time is getting short for this season.

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This past week i have had 2 hummers left...seeing them less and less.....this am I got up and went out on the deck to see if i could see them and i saw 1......have not see any since and usually i see them more than once before noon...I'am thinking the one i saw this am was a passerby...I keep one feeder up till end of oct....I'am a little NE of Grand rapids

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