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jacosgardenSeptember 10, 2008

We just rescued a hummingbird from a very large spider web. I am not sure how long it was in the web. It was struggling very hard. Once we got it free it wouldn't fly etc. We pulled all the webbing off his wings and I had hubby put it in a hanging basket and moved it closer to the ground. It is up high enough so that my cat won't get it (I hope). It is so little and I am worried it might have damaged it's wings. Any advice?

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I don't know whether I'll be of any help since I've never attempted to rescue a hummer...quite often, birds are stunned or traumatized for a short time in some situations. I would think they expend alot of energy trying to free themselves and need a little rest, if no damage was sustained.

If your little hummer is still in the hanging basket, you might try putting a little homemade nectar in a small shallow cup. Gently remove the bird, and hold the cup in your hand, the hummer in the other, and see if it will feed. If there's no wing damage, etc,. hopefully it would regain it's strength, enabling it to fly on off!

Gee, I hope I've not misguided you and I sure hope the little one will be OK. Keep us posted.

Are you in MS and if so, where? I'm in Meridian.


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loris(Z6 NJ)

Contact a rehabber. I've included the link below which contains a link to find a rehabber.

You might also post this on the bird watching forum. I know some rehabbers read posts there at least at times.

Here is a link that might be useful: emergency care for birds

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Thanks Loris for this advice to jacosgarden...I didn't think of that. The info in the link you provided is something we all need to know!

Hope her little hummer made it!


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Thanks for the wonderful info. Last I saw him/her this morning it was trying to fly. I think it just needed a rest. I live in Senatobia by the way.

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loris(Z6 NJ)

You're very welcome jacosgarden and Donna. I'm so glad it sounds like the hummer is ok.

-- Lori

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