Foliage pictures of summer cuttings

kathybennie(5 Colorado Springs)November 20, 2012

Progress pictures of foliage for cuttings/plants rec'd from Denise this past summer; I thought you'd like to see how they are doing:

Hoya Mac plant

H. Obscura, H. cv Jennifer, H. Globulosa

H. mathilde, H. Hoya verticillata, Hoya verticillata var., and H. 'Iris Marie'

H. Pubicalyx "pink silver" and H. Pubicalyx red buttons

H. vanuatuensis

H. australis ssp. tenuipes, H. magnifica, H. australis ssp. australis

Maybe next year I will have flowers to show off, but wanted you to know how nice they are doing and all the new growth.

Denise, Happy Birthday, too!


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They all look very healthy.

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Kathy your plants all look wonderfully happy and healthy. I'd say that your summer was a success!

****Happy Birthday Denise****


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patrick51(5)'ve done a great job with the cuttings..they all look fabulous! Great growing!!


Fondly, Patrick

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Thank you for the BD wishes, Hoya buds! And the Hoyas look super-fab, Kathy! You must be giving them all the right stuff.

Hope you all had a grrreat Thanksgiving. My brother has been back this week for the holiday - BEST birthday EVER!! He's one of my soul mates and I SO wish he lived close...sigh...

Anyway, thanks for the update on the plants. It's always nice to see my babies doing well!

Denise in Omaha

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