crossing two african violates

sunlight2231960January 14, 2006

My grandma is tring to cross two African violate leaves, but every time she tries putting the two leaves from two diffrent colored plants like a light purple and a dark purpletogether the flower comes up white. She also has had the plant come up half and half. just like two different plants does anyone have any idea what she is doing wrong? any help will be good!


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In hybridizing African Violets the dominate color is purple since the original species are purple.

The best she can do is keep sticking pollen to the stigma and cross her fingers. If she wants a certain leaf type or color type she needs to cross a plant that has the color or leaf she want with another plant that she likes. The off spring should have something like 25% of the seedlings will have the right leaf type but may be not the color. Genetics is a hard thing to wrap the mind around.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeff Smith's Hybridizing notes

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