Daffodils from seed

daffodilhunter(7 NW Alabama)February 26, 2003

Hi everybody!

It's time to start thinking about pollinating your daffodils if you want to try growing your own from seed. That takes a long time...from 4-7 years. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to get your own creations.

Here are a few daffs of mine that bloomed in 2002 from seeds planted in 1997. I've got a bigger crop putting on buds now so there will be more!

Y'all email me if you want more info...Sandra

Image link:

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Wow! Are the pure white ones your own hybrid? I hate the yellow and orange daffodils. Here in the UK, they are every where. I get soooo sick of them sometimes, especally when they finnish flowering. I hear you can get daffodils that flower much quicker than that from seed. I thnk i saw a variety on www.mr-fothergills.com.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Send me a couple bulbs from that white daff! I can pay you!

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

When do you harvest your seeds? Do you plant your seeds as harvested, or do you give them a moist cold or other treatment?

Have never grown Daffodils from seed, but have made a few crosses this year using some new split-cup varieties I just planted last year. These and the very tiny cup ones like the poeticus group appeal to me the most.


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daffodilhunter(7 NW Alabama)

Yes, the white ones are from seed too. I have a large collection of late blooming daffodils that are mostly white and some years they make a lot of seed.

However, so far there are only single bulbs of each different seedling...hope the good ones multiply fast! I checked out that website and it's very misleading. No one can get blooms the next year from daffodil seed. The soonest I've ever gotten blooms was 4 years.

I just plant my seeds in the ground sometime between July and September - when I get time - and don't give them any special treatment. It seems that they get enough water over the winter and then hopefully come up the next spring. The first year's leaf is very thin and looks a lot like a wild onion...except the wild onions have a sheath visible above the ground...daffodils don't.

I've picked a few seeds so far this year...will be checking over the weekend to see how many I have. Last year it seemed like every flower I left in the garden made seeds, but I don't expect things to be that plentiful this year will all the rain we had.

Thanks for your interest!


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daffodilhunter(7 NW Alabama)

Regret to report that there won't be any extra daffodil seeds this year. Hardly any made seeds this time...guess because rain washed all the pollen away...maybe next year.

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OK, so if I collect a few daffodil seed pods, should I split the pod open while it is still grren and juicy, or should I let it shrivel up? Thanks

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Dead link daffodilhunter. Can you re-post your results as I would love to see it.

I got one to sprout that has been in storage all last winter.

I wonder if since it was self pollinated by the bees if maybe it will look different? I did have other varieties but not a lot.

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johnva(Z7 TN)

I know this is an old thread, but I'm curious if anyone had tried to beat the time to bloom.

Using lights and wick watering I got balloon flowers to bloom from seed in one year.

I wonder if anyone had ever tried to figure out what triggers the bloom/growing cycle for daffs? Is it day length,or temps, or some other unknown variable?

I find the so called experts are often people that just accept the status quo as the norm! Creative minds look for and find solutions!

:) John

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I'm new here - I've been googling the subject in the last two days and have enjoyed reading various things, especially the stuff that people have been doing.

I'm interested in your white daffodil from seed, daffodilhunter. I would love to find a pure white, single, long-trumpetted daffodil with no hint of any colour other than ivory.

John, I think that the blooming of a daffodil grown from seed would be triggered by the size of the bulb. They must reach a certain size (what is called a 'round') before they will flower.

When I produce my first daffodil seed (now that I know that I must fertilize the darn flowers myself) (I've never found ripe daff seed) I plan to sow the seed as soon as they are ripe and rattling in their seed pods.

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Any Updates Guys?
Thinking of Going into This as Well

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