interesting video.

cpawl(8)November 21, 2012

Same of you may find this program of the work being done to find hoyas in papua new guinea interseting. Its not in English but looking at how beautiful the jungle is where they find the plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: papua new guinea

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Cindy thanks so much for posting this. This is very helpful in showing at least one type of Hoya habitat. I have only watched part of the first episode and am hoping that they show other habitats on New Guinea. There is such a wealth of amazing plant species (think Dendrobium cuthbertsonii) that inhabit the high altitude cloud forests of New Guinea. I am not sure these higher elevations have been investigated as far as Hoyas are concerned. The first video looks to have been shot in mid elevation rainforest which would be prime Hoya territory. Hopefully there is mention of the location and elevation somewhere in the video clips.


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Well I have watched all th eepisodes and it was really enjoyable. I only wish I knew Swedish.
It's great that there were episodes shot in both the tropical lowlands as well as the mountains. It was quite obvious that the heat and humidity were difficult to deal with in the lowland forest. I would love to have such an experience!

Thank again Cindy. :)


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Mike I am happy some else also enjoyed the programs.One day I would love to visit the area.

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