Decreased Activity but still in the 80's here?

rjingaSeptember 17, 2007

what can be the reason for that does anyone know? I have only seen a few birds here and there...and some that are not regulars...saw one just the other day, was so fat it looked like a regular small bird, upon closer examination, it was a hummer...must have been slurping on Hummersteves feeders or one of those home made jobbies up north.. before coming to me...HA!!

I even made my nectar a 3:1 ratio to give them some incentive, but it's quiet out there. I hope they will stay longer...this is really my first year of feeding them regularly so what can I expect in general? anyone know?

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rjinga--- Hi! With the migration in full gear activity can be varied, one day can be just a few then the next day a slew. IF I were you I wouldnt worry Im still having a good amount here daily and I know those are filtering south and after ctnchpr gets done with them you should get some of those.

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HummerSteve...that's EXACTLY who I was thinking of when mentioning the homemade jobbie that must be fattening these guys/gals up!!!

I only dream of having so many hummers at once!!! 3 is the max I've seen and that was only on 2 separate occasions, not by a long shot the norm, it's usually one or two fighting for a spot with ONE dominating each of the two feeders...I have 3 feeders each on opposite sides of the back side of the house, and one out front in a crepe myrtle tree, the front seems to be frequented by the more slow paced, calm hummers, and the ones out back are for the competitive spirited "speedsters" it's quite a show to watch....

I'm tempted to put up a few others out back (this is where I can view them more easily) any reason to think this could help bring more of them around?

I also have a feeder out back that HAS to be filled up 100% of the way or it leaks, very annoying to me, and a waste of nectar, because that particular feeder, although it gets a good amount of traffic, still does not get drained like the other one outback....

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rjinga-- Yes its a very good idea, last year I only had 4 feeders out and I had no hummers in sept. There are many heading south during migration and if you dont have enough feeder and/or hummer friendly plants they will go to an area that does have it.

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