Beginning Cross Breeder

babygatrFebruary 4, 2003

Does anyone have any good web sites for step by step cross breeding of any type of flowers? I would like to learn how to generate my own flowers/Roses either by self pollination or cross breeding(hybridization). I think that it would be a fun and interesting hobby to take up. Not to mention that I am a college student, who is short on cash and high on student loans. Thanks for your help.

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membertom(zone 6)

For rose hybridizing info see the Rose Hybridizer's Association at this link:
RHA website
Just follow the links to a wealth of information. For other flowers, I've got a bunch of links on my
homepage for iris, daylily and violet. I use it kind of like a bookmark file. Here's one on daylilies for instance:
It's a lot of fun, and there are so many nice and helpful people, you'll be glad you got started.

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Hey i would like to say hello, and welcome... I have not been doing this long but i will help you as much as i can.

I have just recently self-pollinated Paperwhite narcissus, it was not as hard as i thought, but it will take some time to actually see what it is you are looking for. What i did was i grew 4 bulb plants (paperwhite narcissus) it did not take that long for them to bloom, 2 of them actually bloomed on Christmas. but the trick i do; i read in a book,
is pick two plants either of the same flower or of a different plant. Clip the flower off and then clip the petals off and make sure that you do not knock off the anther(pollin). use the anthers of the flower that you just clipped off, and rub it on the stigma of the other flower/plant that you are pollinating. make sure you get abunch on it just incase. next all you have to do is repeat to as many other flowers you want. Then just let them grow, keep watering them and plenty of sun like you would do normally. Finally just wait for the plants to die and you should if all went well see seed pods becoming larger. Then you know that you have done a job well done. That is as far as i am with mine so i have 3-4 more weeks before my seeds are done maturing, but i will post you again if you would like me to answer anymore of your questions.

I would recommend starting with a bulb flower, they are easy to grow. I would suggest paperwhite narcissus, right now rather than roses because of your money situation, but i can't remember if they will grow this time of year or not? You may have to ask someone else. Also i am growing these inside.



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frederico(Zone 7, NJ)

Daylilies are perfect for beginners! Lots of nice pollen, and easy to make the cross. Seeds will produce nice vigorous plants the first summer, blooms the second summer. All you need to get started are two parents, make sure they are both dips or Tets.

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