humming birds

mary_grether(7/8)September 25, 2008

I would like to know a few things about those lovely little creatures, when do we stop putting the nector out?

then when do we put it back out. Is there any special way to attract them? I just got about 4 this year, will they come back? will more come, or follow them?

I just want them to keep coming back!


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Hi Mary, Where do you live? I live in NW GA zone 7b. I keep a feeder out year round. I replied this on another post: 2 years ago I had a friend that had a Black Chin show up in Nov and an Allen's in Jan. Both stayed for 2 more weeks in Jan. My friend only lives a few miles from me. I didn't see these hummer's last year, yet will hope I will experience them this year.

There is a website that tells you what hummers have been spoted in your state. I don't have it at my fingertips at this moment. Should you be interested in it, post here and I will post it back.

Happy Hummers!


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Mary, Here is the Hummingbird migration map...

Here is a link that might be useful: 2008 Map

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Like Jean, I too live in Georgia. It's good idea to leave a feeder out during the winter in our area. I saw a male Rufous yesterday at our local Lowe's in the outside garden center, of course. The Lowe's is just a mile up the road and I hope he finds its way to my feeders:)There was a gentlemen there, I'd guess to be in his 80's, that said it was the first "brown hummingbird" he'd ever seen.They seem to be more common in our area the past few years. Hopefully he'll stick around for the winter.

Happy birding!

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