night feeders

Lolly1963September 11, 2013

I have been reading on here about the night feeders and some say they do, some say they don't, some say it's bats! I have my feeders up by my windows also along with other finch feeders I never noticed any issues with the birds not getting along and never have I heard anything like i have since a few nights ago! I am hearing some thumps on my window! I have curtains closed but ya still can see some light/ glow from out side, so maybe they are seeing a reflection of the feeder? also we have had record heat here and i have seen them a few times at the feeders ( they are in shade ) I was wondering maybe they were feeding more at night when it was cooler? I was hearing this anywhere from 8-10 p,m. I don't think it's coons they are still hanging and not drained and my other feeders are not disturbed, the liquid in them is not going down a lot either.

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Hummingbirds don't feed at night.

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