Annual x Perennial = ?

John - 6b/7a NJFebruary 28, 2001

Would results might one expect from the crossing of a true annual with a perennial? (As opposed to the crossing of a tender perennial with a hardy perennial for increased cold hardiness...)

This question is inspired by a previous posting (unanswered) by Joseph Tychonievich regarding a cross of annual red flax and blue perennial flax.

Any thoughts?


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jeff k - 6a

I believe this has been done but the results are not
always the same .

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Joseph Tychonievich - 6

It looks like nonbody knows really! I guess we'll just have to figure it out by trial and error. I am going to try it with the flax this summer, and hopefully also with oriental poppies crossed corn and or icelandic poppies, and anything else I can think of. I'll let you know how it goes!

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John - 6b/7a NJ


Definitely would be iterested in hearing your results. Seems like the only way we will get an answer to this question.


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Dr Lei

Hope it is not too late to post an answer here.

I once crossed nicotiana glauca (a perennial woody shrub) with n. tobaccum (an annual). Resulting seed grown plants were intermediate, lasting several years before expiring.
What I thought interesting is that although I used the tobacuum as the seed mom, the cross resulted in plants that shrugged off frost with no damage, unlike the seed mom. Also, the flowers of the hybrid represented each parent, with one parent having yellow flowers and the other had pink flowers.
The hybrid made all infertile plants as they made blooms like there was no tomorrow, but never set a single seed!

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Tom Silvers 6or7

Dr Lei, Very interesting stuff about the Nicotiana cross. I might have to try that one myself.
Joseph, John and Jeff
If I'm remembering right, Corn (Zea) crossed with the perennial teosinte (Zea diploperennis) gives F1 hybrids with the annual growth habit. I believe Helianthus (Sunflower) crosses gave similar results. Wheat crossed with Agropyron gave somewhat perennial F1. I can't think of any others offhand.
Tom (hoping my memories are correct)

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Just and update on my attempts at annual x perennial hybrids -- this summer I attempted to cross annual and perennial flax (linium spp.), and annual and perennial sweet peas (lathyrus spp.) and none of them took. I am planning to try again in future years (though that will be a while. Next May I am going to be leaving to spend two years as a missionary for my church, so all my plant breeding is going to be on hold until I get back.) with different parents and see if I have better luck.
Joseph Tychonievich.

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keking(z6 TN)

Papaver somniferum x P. orientale = perenniel
Nicotiana x Petunia = perenniel
Sweet William (bienniel?) x Carnation = perenniel

The first two were raised by Luther Burbank around a century ago. The third, "Fairchild's Mule", goes back to the 18th century.

Karl King

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Shadyflwrs(short season 7)

Crosses are more likely to take if they have the same chromosome number. Some books list chromosome numbers (Jepson for CA) and they are sometimes listed on the web.

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