How varied?

badjobyMarch 11, 2003


How closely do the plants have to be related for them to be grafted? What are the possible constraints which can prevent two plant species from being grafted together? I guess there is no prominent immune system fr plants

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there have been rare instances of lemons grafted onto apple trees . But this is the exception rather than the rule .
In general all stone fruit can be grafted in the same tree apriocots , plums, prunes, peaches, cherries, necterines.
all core fruits : apples, pears,MOUNTAIN ASH, quince , crabapples ,Asain pears and quince can be grafted and crossbred as well.tomato tops have been grafted onto potato roots but I don't recomend it. If you are thinking of something just try it the worst that could happpen is you will fail . AND YOU MIGHT SUCCEED WHERE NO OTHER PERSON HAS YET. GOOD LUCK!

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