Repotting Again (Switching Over From Plastic To Terra Cotta)

moonwolf_gwNovember 17, 2010

Hi everyone,

I've been making the transition with some of my plants from plastic pots to terra cotta. They do dry out faster in the terra cotta, but they were staying too wet in the plastic pots. So far, I've repotted these plants.


Motoskei (took cuttings of it and started over)

TD's grandmother's carnosa cutting

Pink Silver

Sweet olive (Osmanthus fragrans)

Snake plant/mother in law's tongue

The first three I did over a week ago and the last three I just did today. The sweet olive I just got on Saturday and it smells wonderful! Pink Silver was a tight squeeze into it's pot, but still it looks nice (I think terra cotta gives plants a more old fashioned look). The first three are doing great in their new pots!

The pots are on sale at Wal-Mart. The first time I bought them there was a small one that I took and potted up Red Buttons cuttings for a friend of mine for Christmas (he's never grown a plant in his life, but I have faith in him that he can grow it).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I can never decide which I like better for plants, plastic or clay. I tend to underwater plants, so sometimes in clay they get way too dry. But in winter when it's chilly I hate to have plants sitting with too much moisture in plastic pots. And I like that I can clean plastic pots easier than clay. I haven't figured out which my hoyas prefer either. Sometimes in winter, doesn't it seem that clay pots get much colder to the touch than plastic pots do?

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I used to use terra cotta pots with my gesneriads and it was such a headache. They either dried out shockingly fast or started to develop mold. When I switched to plastic pots all my struggles dissipated. I haven't used them with Hoyas aside from a glazed pot here and there, but it might be a better match, particularly for varieties that like to dry out a bit. I did, however, run out of plastic pots for my last cuttings purchase and had to pot some up in 2" terra cotta pots and that was a disaster again. I couldn't seem to regulate the medium moisture levels and nearly lost a few cuttings that should have been easy rooting.

I do really like the look of them, though. Once upon a time I thought all my plants would be kept in pretty pots. That dream sure bit the dust a while ago! It will probably work for you, Brad, since you know how to limit your collection to a manageable size.

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I have some in Terra Cotta but I think I best like for them to be in a plastic pot and then sit them down in a clay or glazed pot. I have been going to antique and thrift stores lately looking for older glazed pots to do this in. I love antique ones!!
Good luck Brad!
And I received my Hoyas from Gardino's and I took pictures but I haven't figured out how to post yet!


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Thanks, Tess! Hoping to see some pictures soon!

GG, I do have a watchful eye over my plants and how large the collection can get. I may get rid of my Chelsea at least so I can find something a little different. If I only had a greenhouse or the space for one at least....

I also have fungii in a terra cotta pot. The ones in clay pots seem happy right now. Maybe since Pink Silver's in a tight squeeze in it's pot, it'll start to at least develop some peduncles :).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Of all the Hoyas I have only two are in clay pots, Hoya DS-70 which gets watered every day and a beautiful Hoya from Sulawesi with massive round leaves like Hoya macrophylla. I find that Hoyas dry out too fast in clay pots and I aim to water about once a week, some need a little sip part way through the week though. For top heavy plants I put the plastic pot inside a clay one or a stoneware crock or something similar.
I have a few orchids in clay but they should probably be in plastic as well.


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I just completed my switch to all plastic, the clay pots were just to much watering, Our dollar store has great 4" pots!! allso I have a few old glazed pots that i have found at the swap meet, but I always ensure they have drain holes..

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