Tall Beared Iris.... what am I doing wrong??

JohnnieMi(3)March 13, 2004

For 3 years I have been trying to cross several of my iris with NO SUCCESS... The seed pods set and a few even begin to swell but then............they just turn brown, rot and fall off..

I've got almost 100 different colors, all tall bearded. Even the best pod parent in the iris world...... Edith Wolford........ and even SHE won't set seed. But yet, I see seed pods in other gardens that are probably naturally pollenated. Are the bees boycotting me?


Image link:

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membertom(zone 6)

So, you are transferring pollen by hand?? Or just letting the bees do it??
By the way, I regularly get seeds now, but when I first started.....I was mistakenly putting the pollen onto the beards.....thinking that was the stigma. Now I know better.

Anyway here's a link, that might be helpful to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hybridizing How To Link

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If you are having much rain you should strip all the leaves off the stalk. Rain trapped in the pocket the leaves make can cause the stalk to rot.

The pollen needs to be fluffy and the stigmatic lip moist.Use a fresh bloom to put the pollen on.

Mike G

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grumpygardenguy(7 northern AL)

Not sure what your doing wrong about half of my iris make seed all by their lonesome. I suppose if i wanted to try crossing i could, but i only have 2 distinct colors with some minor variations, so not much point. I have about a dozen bloomers of each color all from a start of 3 plants 3 years ago. Each color are in different parts of the yard, so unless bees get busy not much chance of natural crossings. I have taken the time to open some of the pods, i just leave em where they fall. for some reason a number of the smaller ones will be empty. The huge ones, egg size and above, will normally have seeds.

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