Animal & Fish hybrids

farmfreedomMarch 24, 2010

We need a forum for Animal and Fish hybrids . Insect hybrids are a bit dangerous so we should exclude them . As homesteading is a forum we could all benefit from better livestock , companion animals, aquaculture, as well as plants . This is a small forum where discussions in creative genetics are most likely to take place . There are not a lot of postings lately. Please keep it serious and refrain from hateful comments . Thank You!

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Don't know if this goes along with the topic, but I've often thought about crossing cattle until a much smaller breed could be achieved. (think sheep size. 200lbs top weight) So that smaller farms could enjoy beef and the cow milk without having to support a 1000lb animal.

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You may have something there . There are dwarf breeds of cattle I do not know how small they are. A goat is considered "a poor mans cow" . There are breeds of goats and sheep that give milk . Good Luck anyhow because they still do not taste like beef.

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I've seen "mini cows" and they top out at about 500lbs. Yet for my "thinking" that would still be too big. I actually love goat meat. Growing up I barely knew pork BBQ it was always goat.

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You may be better off with goats if you want something that small.The largest goat is the markhor 71 to 240 lb).
But there was a guy in the 1960's who developed mini horses, donkeys and later mules . So you still could succeed .

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