Crossbreading in rootstock?

the_white_rabbit(Z 6 Southern Ohio)March 14, 2009

I have a quick question here. I have been researching this and I can't find anyone anywhere that is doing it, or reasons why it could or couldn't be done.


I am hoping to attempt to cross breed root sytems of plants. I'm going to start with something woody. I have two heirloom thornless antique rose plants and three common rose plants. I want to cut a part of the root off both plants and notch them just like you would a graft and then bury and see what happens. I'm not sure if this has been done before or not but my end goal would be peanuts and potates. Give some of the more fragile rooted variaties some stronger roots and maybe even find a cross that makes the roots hardy and frost resitant someday.

Any advice?

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Well this is grafting to root stock not crossbreeding .
This is how dwarf fruit trees are made by grafting standard scions onto dwarf root stock .
tomatoes tops have been grafted onto potato roots with lousy
results . both crops were badly inferior !

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It can make a nice amusing hobby.
I may try grafting tomato onto potato this year,
You've got to have some fun in the garden as well.
and make Dr. Frankenstein type of experiments in the plant kingdom. (grin!!!)

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