Hybridizing Peanuts

theodosiaunderwoodMarch 9, 2012

I have an heirloom black peanut that I've been raising for a couple of years. It is tasty, and quite unusual. However, it is very small (a smaller Spanish type). I recently purchased seed for a very large Valencia type. My goal is to cross the two, and over a period of years stabilize a black peanut with larger size.

Does anyone have suggestions as to hybridizing peanuts?

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You may want to try the" mammoth" strain of peanuts they are the largest I have seen . get Carol Depp,s book and check the legume ( peas, beans, peanut section ) for breeding instructions.

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keking(z6 TN)

It is a mistake to assume that a flower that is capable of self-pollination will always be self-pollinated. Sweetpeas can self-pollinate, but also cross.

The article linked below reports that peanut yield is increased when bees are around to help with pollination.

I would guess that Darwin's method of pollinating legumes could help:

"These trials on the Lupines, and others formerly on Sweet Peas, led me to try the following plan. I rolled up thin paper into a cylinder, rather thinner than a knitting needle. I then tied a thread tight round, and cut off the cylinder beneath the thread, so that a little pipe closed at one end or cap, about the fifth of an inch, was left. This was easily filled with pollen from the keel-petal of any desired variety, and could then be placed on the pistil and secured below the stigma by being tied with a thread. I then castrated four flower-buds of the Sweet Pea, and placed on the young stigma caps filled with pollen from another variety, and four fine pods were soon formed."



Here is a link that might be useful: Insect-assisted pollination of peanuts

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