Need search links for a deep purple flowered hosta NOID

hostaLes(5)May 3, 2012

I was organizing my pics from 2011 when I made a re-discovery. I had been given a hosta along with Stiletto last year and thought it was a beat-up Lanciofolia. It was in rather sad shape, a cull by my neighbor who had gotten it from her girlfriend. I stuck it in the ground. Ho-hum; another Lancifolia type planting while figuring where to stow it away.

I think I got a pearl out of the cull. In October my Lancifolia had their usual late blooms and my NOID was so profusely covered with deep purple blossoms on 12" scapes that they almost hid the plant. Deepest solid purple I have ever seen. They were about the size of ventricosa blossoms. I took a half dozen pics of leaves and flowers.

Leaves are about the same size as Lancifolia but not as dark green and less shiny. They have 5 vp. But they are noticably more wavy than Lancifolia. For some reason I thought of tardiana or longipes but found nothing.

I hope to post a pic in a day or two but want to search for deep purple flowered, lance shaped leafed hostas in the meantime. One way or another I will post a pic. I have a real mess with my pics scattered helter-skelter among windows, Hp and Photo Bucket. When I finish I will be bombarding Hosta Forum with pics.

Can anyone help me without a picture (and please: no lecture about a pic being worth a hundred words. I know!) lol


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Les, I read somewhere about that hosta, and I'm looking through my personal index now.

One possibility is H. 'Sugarbabe' which has lance leaves and attractive cream margin with decent substance. It is a cross between ('Iron Gate Supreme' x 'Saishu Jima')

Just in case, you might take a look at 'Saishu Jima' and see if it is what you seek. Sugarbabe is a smallish plant, which Bob Solberg says is to his knowledge the smallest fragrant plant. Deep purple flowers, some streaking of the leaves. I have one, it has pretty tough substance but smooth. I am not able to go count the vein pairs right now.

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A picture used to be worth a thousand words but due to inflation it is now worth two thousand words.

A sketch is worth a hundred words.

This post is worth 35 words.

Get well soon!

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Is this similar


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evermore_gw z 4/5 NB

Trying to imagine this. Does it look like Purple Profusion? See Hosta Library.


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donrawson(Z 5)

Here is a link which be helpful: Dark-flowered Hostas

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Paul-similar leaf but not as wavy, and the flower is much darker purple and very uniform. The flower is a long trumpet shape rather than widely flaired.

Steve-I am going to look at Purple Profusion @ HL right now.

Don, how did I miss Dark Flowered Hostas; I looked for Purple Flowered Hostas. Thanks for all your work on lists. Chris W. has purple flowered at Hallson but he only lists what he has to sell.

Thanks - I have work to do before bedtime.


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Take a look at Purple Passion. I have it from Bridgewood.
No flowers yet for me, but the HL photo is deep purple, in profusion, strappy leaves, very low plant. Blackish petioles

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Paul - the purple flower is not what I got when I went to your link I got Purple Boa!

Yes-the flower is exactly that dark and shape. Since it was so late in the season I wasn't able to picture inside the bloom.


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Paul, that picture looks like Sugarbabe from Bob Solberg's website. I did not copy the picture from HL of the Purple Passion, but it is not in the fragrant family, don't think, but it has a good deep purple.

Nakaiana is another one with deep purple blooms, but they describe the leaves as heart shaped. Sort of LONG heart shaped if you ask me. But, I do not yet have my plant to look at.

Like Frank says, where's the picture?

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Les, if you had email listed on your member page, you'd have the picture in hand rat-now!!

But if you scroll down to SUGARBABE on you will see the studio-quality photo of the scape in bloom.

Then, the link to the "P" in the HL. Third picture down under PURPLE PASSION.

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Not Sugar Babe, which has variegated leaves. Leaves have a single deep ripple and are slightly folded at the petiole. Definitely lance shaped. Size near 2" x 5".

The flowers show no white on the outside at all; solid purple with white stamen.

I will try to get a picture out on 5/4; I promiss.


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Here is my first attempt

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evermore_gw z 4/5 NB

Of all the hostas listed in HL as "Purple something," this one seems to come closest to Purple Profusion. Since your pic was taken late in the season, I assume that the leaves have lost some color. I see the white pistil on several blossoms, but can't make out the stamens. Maybe as the plant matures, you will get earlier scapes and blossoms. Could you give us another pic around the middle of August? Definitely an interesting hosta.


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Your hosta is probably clausa, a species hosta.

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I did check out H. clausa spec. normalis last night on HL and it did look quite close. As compaired to H. clausa, whose flowers don't open, normalis do. As you can see the blooms barely do open though. In HL the color was much lighter, which can be picture quality.

A comment in HL actually mentions its similarity to Lancifolia, so I am sure it is what it is. I was just looking for validation.


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