My most difficult hosta to grow

hostasrgreat(5)May 9, 2012

I completed my inventory this past weekend. I can proudly report I lost only one plant (over 500 hosta in the garden) since last year although I have some that lost size, presumably due to voles.

I checked my lists from the last 15 years or so and developed a top five list; hosta I can not grow. Here goes:

1. Green Gold. I have killed at least five. Only reason I continue to try to grow this ugly duckling is because I can't make it work!

2. Brim Cup. Probably my favorite from this list. I have even struggled to grow in a pot.

3. Cherry Berry. No idea what I am doing wrong.

4. Sea Thunder. Cured me from buying any white center hosta

5. Blue Shadows.

How about you?

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

You are going to laugh, but for some reason I have an issue with Dream Queen ? maybe its the spot its in? I think I have had three small DQ plants in this spot, and this year i have three leaves..

Evidently 3 was the slow charm ;)

I did accidentally kill a Maui Buttercup while trying to wake it mid winter in a terrarium... bummer :)

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

One hosta that I have had trouble growing is 'Fireworks'. I think I need to grow that one more in a pot before setting it in the ground.Three that are struggling are 'Sagae', 'Great Expectations' and 'Dream Weaver', probably due to root competiton. No problem with 'Dream Queen' in a shady north facing location. 'Brim Cup' is doing well in a shady eastern spot. I expected to have trouble with Brim Cup but didn't.

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Thunderbolt. I love this one and have lost 2, but I'm not wasting my money on another one. I've also killed every mini I've had unless it was in the Mouse Ears family. I was suffering dementia when I ordered hosta this year and got 3 minis that aren't mice, so we'll see how it goes!


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Blue Shadows never got past the 1st year.
Bold Ruffles dito
Northern Exposure dito
Nortern Halo dito
Summer Music Good - Bad - Worse - Gone!
and the list goes on.

On the other hand
Green Gold grows like a weed
Brim Cup dito

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I just killed a Cherish and will never grow it again unless it is in a pot. For me, it is too small and delicate. I need a hosta I can shove around!

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chris-e(7 MD)

Deanna, I am with you on the minis! And I too was stupid this year and ordered a Fireworks. I got one eye with three leaves!

In other sizes, I have to say Fire and Ice. I love it, so pretty, but I have lost three. Never again, they just shrink and disappear within 3 years.


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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

Brim Cup SUCKS!
I've tried it twice. NO MORE!

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bragu_DSM 5

I must agree on thunderbolt, but have had moderate success with dream queen.

Now ... great expectations has been a challenge, after four seasons is starting to look "kinda" nice

who needed green gold?


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leafwatcher(zone 5)

My Thunderbolt is doing ok, just 5 feet from the dream queen.. this BRIM CUP is starting to sound like
a challenge ! ;)

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Sea Thunder: have had over 10 years; emerges every year no larger than the first year I had it, then starts looking tattered/ratty by mid summer.

Lakeside Love Affaire: purchased 2 yrs ago after admiring pics on this forum. It has stayed real small/one eye and is supposed to be a medium-large. (maybe I need to move it)

FYI on Thunderbolt: mine stayed one eye/2 leaves for about four years. I almost pitched it but decided to move it a couple years ago and it is doing MUCH BETTER.

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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

'Cherry Berry' I cannot grow to save my soul, tried it twice, no more thanks. 'Dream Queen' does just fine, though it is slow growing, divided one of my potted ones last year and this spring all 3 divisions have come back up with multiple shoots which are smallish but healthy.


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My Cherry Berry is doing well. I have it in a spot that gets early morning sun, 3-4 hours of mid afternoon sun and plenty of moisture.

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davej_07(z5 WI)

If they're not doing well, give them more sun. Two years of good sun and they will love you for it.

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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

1. Big Daddy is the same size one-eye, two-leaf hosta that I purchased in 2009. Haven't decided whether to keep it.

2. Halcyon was purchased as two eyes in 2009, and it's emerged with just one every year since then =( I moved it last summer, so we'll see what happens this year.

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LS Elfin Fire - some grow it like a weed - not me. If I find a huge clump at some yard sale for cheap, I would try again. What do you suppose is the chance of that happening.


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Gesila(MI Z5)

Brim Cup - bought as 2 eyes in 2009. Moved it last year (maple tree roots were strangling it). It's one shoot this year - and it's pretty ugly from frost damage. No worries though, it doesn't take up much room!


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

My list is as follows:

Thunderbolt,looked great the first year,when it came up the next year was very small,and just faded away,Dream Queen on the other hand grows great,though slow.
Fireworks-just faded away
No problems with Brim Cups
Cascades,was beautiful for a couple years,then just kept getting smaller,and faded away.
Island Charm,was beautiful for the first year,then just kept getting smaller,and disappeared.
Morning Light,kept getting smaller,and faded away.
I have no trouble with Northern Exposure,or American Halo,or Lakeside Love Affaire,like some here have.
Halcyon grows well also.
That's all I can think of for now. It seems some people can grow almost anything,and others have trouble with some plants,while others don't! Phil

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