Cholchicine use?

Laeka(BaltMDz6b)March 30, 2001

Is anyone using colchicine to generate mutations? If so, how do you do it? There are a bunch of different plants I'd be interested in working with, but this seems like a great way to generate some excitement quickly. Thanks.

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Since on years I used the colchicine.. I used lilium.. arisaema, aesculus.THis years I want used syringa,
quercus, ginkgo, aesculus etc.. I reduce the concentration ...0.03 - 0.05 %
I lived in this solution 24 to 30 hours.. You can see on the root.. someone are becoming bigger..
I figure that this time is to long..

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Where do you get Cholchicine? And what is it?



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abutilon(z6 sw PA)

Stacey ..I know where to get it but is like $130. Does anyone know where to buy a smaller amount/or little more reasonably? Or is this about what I need to spend to have?

Here is a link that might be useful: Advance Scientific

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Sparaxis(Vic Aust)

Colchicine is carcinogenic. Use it with extreme care!

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Just as a matter of information. You might be interested to know it is a medicine prescribed for gout in 0.6mg tablets. (of course the tablets have all sorts of inert tablet binders such as starch, lactose etc).
I'm a pharmacist and didn't realize it was used to cause mutations in plants until a couple of years ago.

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You might want to consider using oryzalin (Surflan AS) or trifluralin (Preem, Treflan), both herbicides, as they are much less toxic than colchicine. They should still be used with care. Combining any of these three chemicals with DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide)will enhance the absorbtion of the chemical through the cell walls.

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Sparaxis(Vic Aust)

DMSO should only be handled with gloves, as it absorbs very rapidly through the skin. You know if you have absorbed it because it leaves a strange, unpleasant taste in your mouth. Just thinking about it, reminds me of the taste (Phthhhh). It is used to transport chemicals agents into the body through the skin, and I have mixed it, in the past, for veterinary use.

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It is very difficult to get any success-- I've tried oryzalin on my diploid roses (rugosa roses, etc.,.) without any success. But then again, I use the gel form of DMSO and apply it on the buds only. But I do have a mint that had been in a glass of water/oryzalin solution for 48 hours and the leaves of my mint are HUGE when compared to the other one. But they seem less fragrant. I've had done this on some rooted roses, and they seem to die... sigh...


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If you are interested in doubling chromosomes, I just read that caffeine, yes, caffeine, will do the trick! Sorry, I can't remember where it is that I read this...

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Anyone really interested in some colchicine info, I just wrote a short essay on this for someone else, just search for the post 'inducing tetraploidy in seeds' Posted by hoopus. The plant we are talking about is Colchicum autumnale or Autumn crocus.
Be careful its nasty stuff.
And yes some polyploids were reportedly made with other chemicals, but not with a good success rate from what I have read.
And yes colchicine is STILL used in medicine, but good doctors only prescribe it for 'emergencies' requireing very fast releif of gout.
And yes you should consider DMSO to be an injection without the needle. Some chemists love the stuff as a solvent, but I'm almost afraid of it- it takes all the poisons on your hands (and in it) and puts them in your blood stream! Not a happy thought.

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hendy(USDA zone)

I continue my experimentation with colchicine.. lilac.. gymnogladus..easculus.. quercus..etc.. the observation of the resalt in few years..

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Hum... Foliage on two rugosa looks very strange. Its wrinkled like the rugosa, but much more fat. Rosarie de l'hay, and Blanc Double de Coubert were the roses which I used. I'm doubtful of Rdl'Hay, but I'm certain BDdCoubert may be a tetraploid. I applied the substance last July, and the buds didn't grow out until now when the rest of the plant was generating material. Latent growth is a sign that there has been chromosome doubling. I'm especially hopeful of this rose. I'm going to put pollen of yellow roses on them and hope that I can get a fertile yellow rugosa, since there are so few in the yellow color. I think Baby Love will be the perfect stud since it's so healthy itself and fertile. Wish me luck, I keep everyone posted.

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Information about the use of trifluralin to double chomosomes is found at:
Also see:

Also see:

Henry Kuska, retired

Here is a link that might be useful: Use of trifluralin

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I've used it on Stock and Larkspur seeds, it recks root formation in the germinating seed as it's essentialy stalling cell division ( but not chromosome division which is how the mutations are induced ) of the very few plants that actualy survived, all were considerably stockier that normal for their species and the flower spikes were somewhat crowded. The leaves were just odd and highly variable.
Applying it with DMSO to a growing point gives an easy indicator of success - the stem it the point of application becomes.
You can apparently blenderise colchicum bulbs and use the liquid,

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i would like to know if any of you had done reseach on
Sparaxis tricolor treated with colchicine? i doing a project this year and information is very hard to find. Can somebody help me with any kind of information......

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