growing hydrangea indoors

cattleya__lover(z10 Phil)January 12, 2006

I live in a tropical region and i was planning on buying a hydrangea to keep as an indoor plant, i heard that hydrangeas needs a cool enviroment in order to initialize blooming. my question is that do i need to put the hydrangea in a air conditioned room (only at night) in order for it to bloom properly because it gets a little hot during the day especially during the summer around 29 celsius or more. If yes , do i need to air condition it all year round or just for certain months to initialize its blooming.

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Even in more temperate climates, hydrangeas are used as houseplants on only a very temporary basis. Generally conditions indoors are insufficient to encourage long term viability let alone continue budset, light levels being a primary factor.

Hydrangeas can be grown inground in zone 10 in this country, provided they are given a suitable location with adequate protection from hot sun. Chill factors don't seem to be as much of a requirement for budset as you think - my sister's zone 10 garden in Southern California features a number of nearly non-stop blooming hydrangeas and temperatures seldom venture even into the 40's (~5 Celsius). I think you'd have much better luck growing outdoors as opposed to in.

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Keep in mind that air conditioners are basically glorified dehumidifiers. On top of all the other factors that Gardengal already noted, the air conditioner would make indoor growing conditions even worse, not better......yg

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