Really neat hummer moment

catherinet(5 IN)September 7, 2010

I've been struggling with a painful leg recently, but the garden needed watering. So I took my little stool out there and began watering everything from a distance.

Pretty soon, a little hummer showed up, enjoying the more gentle spray along the edges of the water stream. She stayed for quite awhile, siting on the top of a tomato cage, moving her tail, wings and head all around......really enjoying the shower.

It was a beautiful, clear, with a gentle breeze. The sun was shining and my garden was looking pretty good, making alot of tomatoes/squash/beans. That in itself would have been a really nice experience......but adding the hummingbird to it, really made it an incredible moment!

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Hi! I haven't been to GW for a while! I'm anxious to be back here. That is so cool about the little hummer. I have to go give my veg garden a good watering today, I believe. I hand water mine a lot cause it's a small vg garden. But it's been so hot and dry here lately. Wish you had a picture of the hummer in the hose spray! I often bring my camera down w/ me to the veg garden. I wouldn't have gotten a pic of a young ground hog that I almost stepped on the other night! LOL!

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