sunflowers x african violets?

RTinFLApril 16, 2003

I pretty much drank my way through the first 2 years of college, after which I dropped out. So I would say I am pretty far from being a botanist. I never ever could imagined the fun that could be had with just plain old gardening. I wish I had gone back to school...maybe I will sometime.

Anyway, my question is about the sunflower and the african violet. Is there any way they could match up? I will be returning to florida soon and I will be starting up a container garden and I think I want to try some annuals out first.

On another unrelated note: I am also looking for a fruit salad tree with lemons, limes, oranges and tangerines. If anyone happens to have a line on one of those, please let me know.

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Ok, I'm feeling rather stupid right now. What I MEANT was African Daisys, or Gerber daisys, NOT african violets. sorry about that, I would have been better understood, however there was a problem that existed between the chair and the keyboard that needed sorting out.

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You can graft citrus onto the same tree yourself tangerines , oranges , kumquats , pomeloes,uglis , grapefruits ,lemons and limes can all be grafted on the same tree. Check the nurseries that offer citrus trees see what they have. good luck

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Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) and Gerberas (Gerbera jamesonii cvs.) belong to the same family (Compositae). It is quite difficult to cross the two of them since they are not related by genus. However, some plant species like orchids have been successfully bred intergenerically (different genuses) like Vanda x Arachis = Aranda.
It may or may not be possible to breed the two (probably a small chance in having success).

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Sorry, that's Arachnis not Arachis.

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