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admmadApril 7, 2003

I have volunteered to edit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for this forum and am asking for everyone's input to the process of creating the FAQ.

Can you please post questions that you feel should be answered in our FAQ.



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Not in any particular order:

what is a "hybrid"?

What exactly is pollen and what does it do?

How do you make a hybrid?

What is the advantage of making a hybrid?

Is a hybrid the same as Genetically Modified?

If I were to make a hybrid, how do I make the new type of plant stable?

I have heard that there is a chemical that can make mutations in plants. How does it work and what are the dangers associated in handling it?

Can a hybrid be "organic"?

How closely related do plants have to be before they can be cross bred?

Are there any examples of plants being crossed that are not closely related?

Lets say I succeed in making a hybrid. How do I know that the plant I have made is original? Can I name it after myself?

Is a hybrid considered a different species?

Those were all that I could think of off the top of my head...

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