question about Bigeneric hybrids

AbsentApril 1, 2003

I've read a fair bit about bigeneric hybrids in which colchicine is used to double up the chromosome number to produce a fertile plant - eg Tritcale,

I was wondering if you had two species from different but related genera both with say 2n=30 and crossed them, the offspring would also be 2n=30.

Does that mean the hybrid would have a good chance of being fertile.

Incidentaly if anyone has images of any of the bigeneric maize hybrids, please post them I'm desperate to know what the ear of a zea/avena cross looks like,


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agrinerd(6b NC)

Hi Absent,

I'm no expert, but I'd imagine that bigeneric crosses between plants with similar 2n counts would increase the chance of obtaining a fertile hybrid or viable seed. As a rule, crosses between parents of differing 2n counts are difficult to impossible and any resultant seedlings are usually sterile. That's where a chromosone doubling agent such as colchicine is brought in to try and induce fertility. There was a previous thread on bigeneric hybrids that you may find interesting (link below).

Here is a link that might be useful: Bigeneric Hybrids Thread

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keking(z6 TN)

The "hybrids" of oats and maize typically have all the oat chromosomes with one or two maize chromosomes.


Here is a link that might be useful: CybeRose & Bulbs

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keking(z6 TN)

The paper linked below has pictures of some oat-maize lines.


Here is a link that might be useful: A Complete Set of Maize Individual Chromosome Additions to the Oat Genome

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