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theodosiaunderwoodApril 3, 2013

1. I overwintered Georgia Collards and unnamed variety of Brussels Sprouts. They bloomed heavily in isolation from any other blooming members of Brassica oleracea and the bees worked them heavily. I harvested the seed from both plants.
2. About ten feet away was an entire row of blooming Seven Top Turnips (Brassica rapa). I know that cross is possible, but probably not as likely as the one within the same species.
3. I understand that most Brassica oleracea is self-incompatible. That being the case, it seems likely that many, if not most, of these seeds will be hybrids.
4. Whatever grows from these seeds will be, at the very least, something interesting to watch, and an edible green, if nothing else.
I'm not sure if trading is allowed on this site, but would be willing to trade some of these for something you might have. Thanks.

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thats cool. im interested in crossing a purple peacock broccoli [(which is a red russian kale x green goliath broccoli) (picture below) (in my opinion the head is small and loose but is ok for only being half broccoli. i can see why the parent had to be green goliath. it says on sites that it has plenty of side shoots at least.)] with some other type of broccoli or something. im really interested in making a late bolting broccoli for here in central florida by crossing a heirloom huge head broccoli with a collard.

This guy
claims/thinks and has a picture of a green glaze collard (which is already a collard x cabbage hybrid) x "dragon" kale. What do you guys think? also theodosia im down to trade seeds with you.

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spez718, I will gladly send you some seed, or trade with you, but don't find your email address or trade list on your page.

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my email is sorry im kind of new to this site and will put up my email and make a trading list. i just ordered some purple peacock in the mail becuase i just found out about it so i dont got those seeds yet. but as soon as i do i will trade some of them if you want.

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