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andreajoy(z9 sacramentoCA)January 13, 2013

I would like to plant a few Limelights in a difficult spot in my garden. What makes it difficult is the fact that I can't dig a huge hole for planting. In my area, my garden centers only offer Limelight in five gallon size! What are your favorite online resources for Hydrangeas that would offer really healthy plants at one gallon or smaller?

Also, how long will it take for a plant this small to grow to full size?


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

OK, without asking you to reveal something personal, I'm not clear if it's the difficulty of the site or something with you physically being unable to dig. If the former and the area won't respond to a shovel, I'm not sure how you could expect the hydrangeas to establish in what may also be a trying climate - for what I know of Sacramento. Surely you would want the best possible, extensive root system for dealing with heat and dryness.

Still, Forest Farm and Joycreek (both in Oregon) would have been my first choices for nurseries and I see one is out, other doesn't list it. You wouldn't be disappointed with Digging Dog, I've never rec'd anything but well grown plants from them, you could call and ask pot size for shipping. California nursery, and they recommend loose moist soil for best results with these. But, first, what about the site is difficult, I'm wondering if you need a tougher plant completely...

Here is a link that might be useful: Digging Dog Limelight

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andreajoy(z9 sacramentoCA)

:) It's nothing personal, my street's water main is buried in the site. When I dug around too deep in another area around this water main, I caused it to leak. So, this time, I just want to plant small and allow the plants to grow in naturally. The soil is good and they will have plenty of room to grow.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Try shopping at around the time when hydrangeas get delivered so you get to pick the smaller sizes delivered to the nursery. Obviously, you could try asking the nursery personnel what size they expect to receive around May for example although I find it difficult to get answers sometimes because I am asking nursery employees who do not know what a computer is or have no idea how to check in the store's records. But it is aworth a try. The smaller sizes (3g) for example sell out faster.

Also, mail order companies want to reduce the expense of mailing a 5g pot (sometimes mostly soil) as much as possible so your order is usually given by how old the plant is (1-Yr old, 2-Yr old, etc). You get a little soil but not enough to fill a 5g pot.

Hydrangeas Plus is also a good one. HP is very responsive to email inquiries during work days.

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Andrea, don't plant over or near a water main. If the city needs to dig up the main for any reason, your plant will be dug as well. Believe me, those folks don't care that it's a prized plant. Find another spot for your shrub.

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andreajoy(z9 sacramentoCA)

Thank you Kay, this is a very good point. I will plant other varieties of hydrangeas in my shady front yard instead.

I love big round white hydrangeas too. Is there a favorite among the forum?

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nolefan_2006(FL 9a-ish formerly 8b)

Wilkerson Mill Nurseries (hydrangea dot com)
Nearly Natives Nurseries
Caroliniana nursery

I've had good luck with all.

I do not recommend White Flower Farms

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tulips101(5a sterling il.)

I was wondering about how long should it tsake for a quart size hydrangea take to grow large big enough to flower good.
I have seen low cost hydrangeas that say ther in 4inch pot they must take 5 years to flower right. Thank you very much

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tulips101(5a sterling il.)

I planted small Pinky Winkys and quick fire and limelight hydrangeaslast spring and they never grew more than a coupl inches should i prune them back this spring or just let them alone.I have 2 vanilla strawberry and the just are 21/2 foot but all they do is flop i think these must need pruned am i correct thank you.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Excellent choices, tulips101. I wish I had space to plant them all here. Your PW, QF and Limelight may be concentrating on developing a good root system so maintain the basics: keep the soil pH acidic, feed them once a year (1/2 cup to 1 cup of cottonseed meal, compost, composted manure or a general purpose slow-release NPK 10-10-10 chemical fertilizer), keep the soil always moist as best as you can and keep them well mulched 3-4". You can also use liquid seaweed, liquid fish or coffee grounds. Since you are in Z5, apply these fertilizers about 2 weeks after your average date of last frost and stop at the end of June. I have had some that do nothing for 1-2 years before starting to grow faster.

Some flopping may be normal in the case of large blooms but in case that the VS blooms really really need some form of support, consider stakes or chicken wire while the stems are young and not strong enough. The older the stems, the stronger they get. You could use, for example, some of those metal support stakes used for gladiolus or you could surround the individual shrubs with chicken wire.

As a safety check though, I would also make sure that the soil has enough of the NPK nutrients using a soil analysis kit sold in many nurseries. Nitrogen is useful for growth of stems and leaves. Phosphorus is useful for roots and blooms. Potassium is useful for general health and hardiness to heat/cold/drought.

Feel free to prune stems that have not leafed out by May or mid-May.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

I bought 3 from Joycreek and was very pleased with the plants received. Al

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tulips101(5a sterling il.)

Does anyone know a good websitefor landscaping foundation planting with hydrangeas thank you.

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I got my incrediballs from white flower farms last year. They were 1 gallon pots & looked pretty scraggly when they arrived, & seemed to struggle all summer. I watered them through the drought, & just mounded some leaves around the base as winter protection. This year they've doubled in size & are full of blooms that just keep getting bigger!

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