dhardyJanuary 26, 2009

I moved a Hydrangea from a dry sunny spot to a more moist shady spot beside my home. It now grows too fast, I am constantly cutting it back because it overgrows my azaleas and grows so tall it covers my windows. Waist high is ok, but it grows over my head. It didn't grow at all before I moved it.

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Some varieties of hydrangea grow quite a bit so selecting a location is important. Otherwise one is stuck with pruning tasks and that can obviously get to be a chore. The previous owner of my house planted some unknown mopheads that I now think are too big for their current location. I am now having to prune about every three years but would prefer not to have to do that at all.

You did not mention what type of hydrangea this is or the variety; do you know? If you do not know, can you post leaf/bloom pictures? From amongst the Macrophyllas (mopheads), it is common to see some growing 5' by 5' at maturity (10 years) but there are smaller gorwing varieties. But if your hydrangea is a Quercifolia (oakleaf) then even bigger sizes of 10' by 10' are common.

The shrub obviously likes this spot you chose but if it is a large hydrangea, transplanting -again- may be the solution.

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