Mutating Iris

cgardengalApril 4, 2007

This may seem silly to some but I need to know if this is possible. My father was talking about the flowers my great-grandfather used to grow. He said he remembered watching him cut an iris bulb in half and taking a different iris bulb cutting it in half. He then would take half of one and half of the other and somehow wrap or tape them together. My father then said after planting the new bulb it would result in a flower that had flowers from both plants. Is this possible?

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

Not in the sense that flowers of both types could be on one stalk. But...

It is not uncommon to graft two or more types of a plant together and then each part of the grafted plant would have flowers from its correct type. That's how they make those 5 fruit apple trees or the 3 color rose-of-sharon trees. These half rhizomes, if they lived, would put out budding branches which would flower the next season with the two types of flower.


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