Hoya bicknellii rooting

Aggie2(10a)November 26, 2012

Hi All,

Looks like I'm about to kill my first Hoya and need help saving it. Hoya bicknellii IML 1597, got it from SRQ this summer. Although called by Joni "slow grower", it was growing very fast and drying every other day in it's tiny pot, so I potted it up and it grew foot and a half of vine, but now (over 2 month in new pot) is dying from the roots. Don't know if early cold snap (upper 50 at night) caused root rot, now there is visible shivering of the stem and yellow soft lower leaves. One vine is a bit over foot long and covered with leaves, second vine is over 3 feet long and upper half is bare. I rooted cuttings before, but only 2-3 nodes long, so should I cut these in 5-6 inch long pieces and just throw away (ouch!) that foot and a half of bare stem? Or there is a chance that it will survive/root if I leave 2 nodes with leaves at the lower part? What is optimal length of cutting? I will be rooting it in the aquarium in soil and in turface to increase my odds. I know it's bad time for it, but have no other option!
TIA, Aggie

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When you moved the plant to a bigger pot how big did you go? A 4" pot would have been the best size until a larger root system formed.
I think you are right to suspect the cool temperature as the cause of rot. I have had this happen with Hoya imperalis during the winter before.
Hoya bicknellii has very hard succulent leaves when they are mature so I think it will be very capable of rooting without becoming stressed. If you are using an aquarium and can get the day time temperature to get nice and warm then it should root easily. Maybe a light bulb could serve as your source of extra warmth. As for the length I would do whatever works best in the rooting tank. I like to use longer cuttings but in any case cutting off the bare vine above the last set of leaves is perfectly fine. I find this species to be very top heavy and awkward as a cutting so maybe smaller is better in this case, say two sets of leaves per cutting. Are there small leaves developing on the bare vine yet?


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Thanks Mike,

I went from 2.5 in to 4 in pot, it was root bound and tipping over even when placed in ceramic pot for stability. It just got way to tall for that tiny pot with all the vine and hoop to support it. I believe I got it just in time, before foliage got too dehydrated. Will make 4 cuttings from it and hope for the best, if that bare part dies I can always cut it off.
We had very strange weather for south Florida; crazy amount of rain whole summer and now it's very dry with few cold nights in the fifties. It never happens at this time of the year! I guess I need to develop plan for moving my way bigger hoya collection inside if this weather continues! Good part is that some plants got great colors from colder temps ! I had never seen my obscura and nicholsoniae with such great red leaves!

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I root many cuttings during this time of year because of careless watering.This year I have been lucky so far now that I grow in S/H.
Give your cutting bottom heat with your fish tank and the cuttings should root for you,sooner you cut them up the better your outcome.

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