Getting ready

cpawl(8)November 7, 2012

I think to bloom.


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and H. cautata

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Oh I am glad to see that Caudata. It looks like mine but no bloom. It is so slow for me that one would think it was dead. I will love to see your bloom. Thanks for sharing! If you have any hints for me my ears are open. ~ Mary

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Wow Cindy. You sure have some really showy flowers to look forward to! You are an inspiration! :) My cystiantha has been growing well, thank goodness, but it's really nice seeing such a nice big specimen like yours. Do you grow it in soil or in semi-hydro?

I have to say those buds are so beautifully shaped the flowers will find themselves hard pressed to improve upon the effect.

@ Mary

I found caudata a slow grower too, until I moved it to the very humid environment of an aquarium. Now, all my varieties of caudata grow very aggressively. Maybe not as fast as sp. Tanna Island, but it does seem like they're always growing. The aff. caudata (EPC 662) that Jack sells, might also be one you should look into, because it has very similar leaves (but fuzzier) and it grows very fast, like a weed.

Source: Epiphytica

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Cindy that's a lot of buds on Hoya cystiantha, not a first time blooming is it? It's one happy Hoya.

My Hoya caudata has done nothing this year, just sat there. It used to bloom quite often but because it always drops its peduncles you have to keep it growing well to get flowers. Congratulations on blooming yours!

GG that's it, I am rearranging the orchid case and cramming Hoya caudata in there. There is no way it wont grow well there. I have some Dischidia hirtua growing on bare tree fern mounts in there, they cling to and drape themselves around some of my Bulbophyllum orchids and they do quite well.


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You won't regret it!!

For a long time I thought I was just going to suck at Dischidias, but I have to say the ones I got from a couple trades this year are just luxuriating in the aquarium I have them in. It's like a little cube of Dischidia rainforest. I think I'm just going to give in and move the 4 or 5 I have sitting in open air, into an aquarium too. I have one that's stood empty for about a month anyway.

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