Is Quickfire pink or reddish?

smordJanuary 14, 2010

I'm thinking of putting in a hedge of Quickfires...first I wanted to use Crape Myrtles, realized it was a bad placement for them (not enough sun, too cold), then I wanted Pinky Winky (seems to be a deer magnet), so now I'm thinking of Quickfire.

The problem is, I really want more of a clear pink than a red, but it's hard to tell from pictures. How pink is Quickfire? And does it turn to an old lady dusty pink at any time? (My hubby pointed it out on some PGs around us - I thought they were pretty but didn't like it).

Also - does Ph affect the color? I think we have acidic soil (will be getting a soil test as soon as I can get through the snow...)

Also, any other things I should know about Quickfire? They would be put in half sun/half shade.


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'Quick Fire' is a paniculata just like 'Pinky Winky' - if that's a deer magnet, the QF's will be too.

And you do know that all paniculatas start out with white or greenish white flowers? They only develop coloring as the flowers age - it has nothing to do with soil conditions or pH. QF's claim to fame is that it blooms somewhat earlier than most other paniculatas and so develops it's 'mature' color earlier. I'd call it a reddish-pink that fades to a more terra cotta color with time, but how one perceives color is pretty subjective. I wouldn't necessarily label these as a "clear" pink nor would I consider them red. Closer to something in between:-) Think about the coloring of Sedum 'Autumn Joy' over the course of the season and you'll get close to the coloring of QF.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Here is a pic (although not great) of the pink coloration at 4 weeks. You can't designate any color as it starts out white, creamy white, pink tint, clear pink, dark pink, rosy pink, reddish pink, brownish pink.

My paniculatas are in full sun all day. They are slower growing for me...but are supposed to be fast growing.

One of my favorite shrubs since it offers such a range of colors througout the season...some have reported good fall color. Mine was a muted burgandy, some leaves where yellow.

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Thanks! That makes sense - that the pink comes with age, not ph. I've seen PGs in the neighborhood. The color changes are fascinating. The pink in the pic is beautiful

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