a little control on the oakleaf?

deragaga(z7 GA)January 18, 2010

I realize this isn't a popular thing to do, but my gorgeous oakleaf hydrangea is sited in front of my electric meter and the meter reader periodically requests that I clear her a route.

Now that winter's here and the plant's form is so distinct, I'm planning to take out a few branches, but I don't want to destroy the shape of the plant. I understand about spring blooms, but I'll just have to sacrifice for this year.

My question: is it better to remove a few branches all the way back from the center of the plant, or to shorten more branches by cutting, say, two feet from the ends?

I realize this won't be a popular question! I, too, hate to reduce the size even a little bit (overall, it's lovely at about 10' in height and as much or more wide). Just hoping for a creative and not-too-painful solution on this one.

Thanks so much,


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ladywindsurfer(Z7 SE)

I wouldn't trim it at all! Have the power co. install a remote read meter. The meter reader can then read the meter from a distance. I have had one of those for 30 years. They can read my meter from the street, without entering the property.
I received a notice recently from my power provider, that they will begin reading their meters by electronic means, via the distribution lines, so the day's of the meter reader are numbered!

We have several neighbors, who has meters in inaccessible locations, at rear of the home, behind locked gates, in their basement, etc. The customer reads the meter and forwards the readings to the power co. The powers co. occasionally requests permission to read the meter and they will make an appointment with the homeowner to do so.

You are THEIR customer, not the reverse!

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Ditto...get an electronic one. I thought most electric companies made mandatory switches to get more accurate readings.

Your planting should not have to sacrifice due the electric company being behind the 8 ball.

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