Nikko Blue- unplaned one

radovanJanuary 21, 2010

sometimes this past november i pruned a bit my nikko blue to make it easier to put 4 feet drum over it to winterise it. some of the cuttings ended in the bag of soil which i keep at work place to root my fig cuttings. one day i noticed one nikko cutting is emerging out with 2 green leafs. now it has 6 leafs and is about 5 inches tall. not just that: at the very tip it has a small bud forming round thing to flower.

the soil in the bag is shipp manure, nothing else. i don't know how it rooted.

my question is: since the soil is shipp manure probably flower will not be blue?

i am afraid to add acidifier because cutting is to young and to small, might burn it?

but, i want it to be Blue.

another question is: i know it's to young but i would like to pot it in a real (beter) container but am afraid to disturb it since it has that thing ready to flower.

***** I want that blue flower to show off for my Serbian (orthodox) Easter day.

Thank you all.

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I have used manure with some hydrangeas for about 2 years or so and it did not affect the flower color (stayed pink in my alkaline neck of the woods). Can you can find some litmus paper and drop a bit of manure in water to see how it reacts?

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luis_pr, thank you very much.
that is a good idea about litmus papr tomorrow when I go to work i'll try to get some and see the effects of my soil.

thank you again,

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